Tuesday, September 8, 2009

7 Sept 2009

well i dont have alot of time toaday. but it was a really great week. i loved reading tylers e mail today because i had something really similar happen this week, that just helped me realize e ven more that this work is completely out of our hands. and the lord will get it done one way or another. its just a matter of whether we are going to be blessed to be a part of it or not. we were going to look up a media referral that we had and the address was some thing like 3329 55th dr. so were just driving along and i pull up to the house and we had planned on knoking both doors next to where the media was. and we got there a few minutes before the apt so we could do so . so we go and knock and the first door that we knock this guy answers and he had just moved in like 2 weeks earlier but he has been to church several times when he lived in another part of queens. he seemed very ready to recieve the gospel and he wants to start going to church here. and here comes the other part of the miracle. so we go and knock on the door that our appointment is at and apparently we were on the wrong street. we were on ave. when we needed to be on dr. ha it was amazing! so than we walked over to the right street and committed the lady that ordered a bible from our church. she is great and will be baptized in 4 weeks. well i love you all i am all out of time for today. Hurrah for israel!@!!!
elder Olsen

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