Monday, September 21, 2009

21 Sept 2009

Hello Family!!
well i dont have alot of time to write today. but we had a fantastic week! we spent alot of time organizing and planning for this transfer. which made our numbers suffer a little but i think that it will pay off in the near future. we have such a gigantic area book with tons of people in it but it wasnt organized at all. so we went and got a huge map and divided our very large area into different zones and than make tabs for our area book for each zone, and we mapped out all of the former investigators and put them in their respected tabs. along with all of the members in the zones. it will be nice to have it organized because now when we work we will be able to just concentrate our efforts on one zone and will save alot on travel time. so i think that it will be really productive in the future. we now have 5 companionships working this jamaica english ward! right now we only have about 65 or so active members. we are in the process of making a plan with the bishop to bring back 25 less actives per transfer. it is going to take alot of work and help from the ward but i know that we will be able to do it. Well i am all out of time. sorry there were alot of really amazing things that happened this week but you will just have to wait and hear about them some other time. the work is going amazing! our zone has 5 baptisms in our zone scheduled for next sunday. and we had one yesterday as well. and we had a family of 8 people come to church yesterday! it was awesome!! please continue to pray for me and for this work. I love you all!
Elder Olsen

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