Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 Apr 2010

Hey dont have a lot of time right now. but had a great week. Jennine came to church but not the rest of the family :( That is the Brazilian family, everyone please pray for them. i really want to help this family come into the church! I am really excited for General Conference! It is funny last night we were talking right before we were going to bed with the other elders in our pad, and we were all talking about our favorite speakers and previous address' etc... And i was thinking how funny it was that we were all talking about general conference the same way that i would talk about the super bowl or the NBA finals. haha. And we talk about Elder Holland and Eyring and all the others like i used to talk about Kobe and Shaq or Michael Jordan. i just kind of realized that as we were talking that i would have never seen myself having that kind of conversation a few years ago. Well i love you all! have a great week. everyone take notes during the conferences, and tell me which ones were your favorites. thanks i love you!
Elder Olsen

20 Apr 2010

Well i had a great week! Sorry i was not able to e mail very much last week, we had kind of a crazy day that day. But yes we survived transfers and everything worked out fine without any major problems. I got all of the Cards, thank you so much! that was really awesome! You guys are the best, My companion was laughing at dads remarks on the card. My new Companion is Elder Cascardi, he is from Sao Paulo Brazil. ha so i have my first foreign companion. He is really great! We are going to have a great time together. we have all ready lived together for 3 months in Jamaica. So we are all ready great friends. He is also my first companion that actually speaks Spanish(and Portuguese) And we are working both the English and Spanish Wards now, So i am really working on my Spanish.. Hopefully i will be able to pick up on it really fast, pray that i will be able to! We have some good people that will be coming to the Spanish ward. We have a lady named Maria ( i don't know if i have talked about her before) But she is really awesome! Her husband is from Haiti and she if from Dominican Republic. Well basically we fearlessed Harry(her husband) about 2 weeks ago and made an appointment with him. we met with them both a few times and to make a long story short it turned out that Harry was not really interested and was lying to us about a lot of things, But Maria really is. So she called us and we met with her and she told us that she had been reading from the Book of Mormon, she read from the beginning all the way to 2 Nephi 16 in like 2 days! So that was really awesome! We are really excited for her, she wants to be baptized soon. The work is going well, we are just trying to build up a good teaching pool, we are trying to work with the members a lot. I love being a missionary! and i love this Gospel and my Saviour. I hope that everything is going great!

Love you guys
Elder Olsen

Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 Apr 2010

I don't need anything really. I guess that i could use a few short sleeve shirts, and 1 long sleeve shirt. but no rush or anything. i don't need them that bad, just some of my shirts are pretty old. Sounds like you are having fun in Colorado, Dad sent me a picture and Adam had his arm in a cast, how did he break his arm? anything else new? when are Christina and Liji coming home from Korea? or are they all ready home? ha ha i don't know. What are Nannie and Papa up too? are they going on a mission anytime soon? How are all of dad's houses all going? have you guys been able to sell or rent any of them? Well everything is going great! I am loving my mission, i only have about 6 months left, so i am getting pretty worried. I will be getting a new companion next week. we have a really busy week ahead of us, Conference was great! i really enjoyed it. We had a missionary come in from Italy on Saturday afternoon, he has been on his mission for about a year but because of Visa problems he had to leave the country, so they sent him here. so we had to pick him up and find a place to put him. He stayed in our apartment for one night and watched conference with us. We are going to the Temple this week with Yury Cruz the lady that we baptized about 4 weeks ago. I am pretty excited. Well i love you and i hope that you have a great week!
Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Olsen