Monday, September 21, 2009

21 Sept 2009

Hello Family!!
well i dont have alot of time to write today. but we had a fantastic week! we spent alot of time organizing and planning for this transfer. which made our numbers suffer a little but i think that it will pay off in the near future. we have such a gigantic area book with tons of people in it but it wasnt organized at all. so we went and got a huge map and divided our very large area into different zones and than make tabs for our area book for each zone, and we mapped out all of the former investigators and put them in their respected tabs. along with all of the members in the zones. it will be nice to have it organized because now when we work we will be able to just concentrate our efforts on one zone and will save alot on travel time. so i think that it will be really productive in the future. we now have 5 companionships working this jamaica english ward! right now we only have about 65 or so active members. we are in the process of making a plan with the bishop to bring back 25 less actives per transfer. it is going to take alot of work and help from the ward but i know that we will be able to do it. Well i am all out of time. sorry there were alot of really amazing things that happened this week but you will just have to wait and hear about them some other time. the work is going amazing! our zone has 5 baptisms in our zone scheduled for next sunday. and we had one yesterday as well. and we had a family of 8 people come to church yesterday! it was awesome!! please continue to pray for me and for this work. I love you all!
Elder Olsen

Monday, September 14, 2009

14 Sept 2009

Hello family!
well I had a great week! irt was really busy. Yesterday was an amazing day. First of all Cynthia(the lady that i baptized in south shore about a month ago) her 2 kids were baptized. And karen and alvin were also baptized( i worked with them for about 4 months in south shore as well). And i talked to craig(the man that i baptized in south shore about 4 months ago, and he was just made the new ward mission leader!!) how cool is that. i was way excited! he is so awesome. Shantel was also baptized yesterday! it went really well. she is so ready! her mom came to church and than to the baptism and she really liked it. and we willl start teaching her soon. the baptism went really well! alot of the ward came, but not everyone. which kinda bugs me.. we dont have a font at our church so we have to go to the neighboring town for all baptisms. so alot of the members say that they dont want to go all the way there. even though it only takes about 15 minutes to get there by train. but there was alot of people there and it was great! she is so amazing. she was telling us that she thinks it would be cool to go on a mission! she would be such a good missionary. she is 22, and she knows japaneese so she would probably go to a japaneese speaking mission. Okay well hows about some updates. well i will be staying here in jamaica as expected. my new comp is elder goodman. i have never met him, but i have heard that he is good. he is like 25 yrs old. so that will be kinda interesting. this will be his first transfer as zone leader as well. I am way excited for this next transfer!! this last transfer we set a goal to get 8 baptisms in our zone, and we got it. and i think for this next one i want to double it and go for 16. i know it is possible. our zone is doing very well. it has been way cool seeing how fast things can change in an area if just the attitude changes of the missionaires in that area. my last area south shore the district is on fire! my last transfer there we had 7 baptisms and this transfer they have been tearing it up i think they had 8 or 9.. and than our zone here is doing great! especially compared to last transfer when we only had 2 baptisms. welli love you all please pray for miranda and shantel and her mom. and please pray for me and my companion. i wil be setting some really high goals for this next transfer. so im gonna need all the help that i can get. I love you all Hurrah for Israel!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

this is how i had to get into my pad in south shore for about a month

24 Aug 2009

24 Aug 2009

24 Aug 2009

Hello family!! Well I had a pretty good week. It was probably the
worst week of the transfer but it was still a good week. I have a few
miracle stories but I only have time to tell one. So last week when we
were on splits with steve and shaun. Steve and my comp found this
lady, her name is chanelle they committed her to be baptized on the
13th of September, well we haven’t been able to get a hold of her. But
we had an apt with her this last week and we stopped by and she wasn’t
home so we were just walking around the neighborhood and knocking on
some doors and talking to people outside. Well about 5 houses down
from chanelles home there were two ladies sitting on the porch, and
well they were reading the bible. They were a few kids running around.
So we pretty much had an amazing 1st lesson with them, we committed
one of them for baptism on the 13th.. her name is Miranda, she is so
amazing! The spirit was just beaming off of her face the whole lesson.
The other lady is nice but really doesn’t seem that interested. so
Miranda is awesome. So the same day that steve and elder wiggins found
chanelle they also found a lady name uzo. And we had an appointment
with her yesterday. So after that one appointment with Miranda we
haven’t been able to meet with her again. But we have been able to
talk to her on the phone everyday she has just been too busy too meet
with us. So we went to meet with uzo yesterday whom lives about 3
houses down from Miranda. Well Uzo is not home, so we go and see if
channelle is home, nope.. so we start walking down to mirandas house
and just as we do she pulls up in her car. So looked exhausted, she
had just come from working overtime at work, she is a nurse. So she
tells us that she really wants to meet with us but she is just too
tired right now and she had company. There were like 3 of her friends
there. So we made an appointment for Wednesday but than we just
started talking and I asked if I could share a scripture and than next
thing you know we are all sitting on lawn chairs in the front yard.
The cool thing was that all of her friends came as well. There were
people just coming our of the woodwork to hear our lesson. Neighbors,
people walking by etc.. so we taught the plan of salvation. It was
really cool. Miranda is so prepared. She is still committed for the
13th . she has to wake up at 5 in the morning every day to go out to
long island for work and we talked about sacrifice and she is getting
up every morning at 430 so that she can read for 30 minutes from the
book of mormon. She is so amazing! We have a lot of potentials
committed right now for the 13th but only 2 of them are really
progressing towards that day. Hopefully we will be able to get the
rest of them moving. This is the make it or break it week for
everyone. At least for this transfer. Well everything is going great!
This has been a tough week but we are doing good and will keep moving
forward. The church is true! What else really matters? Hurrah For
Elder Olsen

31 Aug 2009

WOW well another week has gone by. this is the begining of week 5 for us. elder wiggins goes home in 2 weeks. today we have a pretty busy day. we are having a zone activity, were doing a big barbecue and watching a church movie, not sure which one yet. we set a goal at the begining of the transfer for every companionship to get at least 1 baptism. and right now most everyone has had a baptism or they have 1 scheduled before the transfer is over. except 1 companionship(the sisters) so today we are going to get everyone pumped up for the last two weeks of the transfer! our zone is doing good, yesterday we had 3 baptisms. elder wiggins and I went to all of them, it was a cool experience. I had a really cool experience last night, elder cascardi who is in my zone has had a really rough transfer. he was blinded into this area training. the area that he is in was dead, they only had 10 former investigators and no progressing. the missionaires before did absolutely nothing all transfer. but he has been working his butt off!
and they have been doing really well but they havent been able to get any baptismal commmits. so last night we were over at a members home in the spanish branch, and they brought a lady who is investigating the church, she also came to church yesterday. and i was sitting next to cascardi and i asked them how there week went, and he said good except that they didnt get any new committs. and i said well lets get one right now! he looked at me kinda funny and said okay. so after dinner we sat down with the lady. the lady doesnt speak any english so elder cascardi translated for me, but the spirit was really strong and she accepted to be baptized in two weeks! it was so awesome and it made cascardi really happy. it was way cool. well miranda is still doing amazing, unfortunately she didnt come to church brcause her mom who has cancer came into town unexpectedly and she wanted to spend time with her. so she will not be able to be baptized this transfer. but shantel is doing amazing! she is way solid for the 13th now. everything is going great! wish that i had more time to tell you all about my week, there were alot of miracles!! i love you all,
Hurrah For Israel
Elder Olsen
Doctrine + Covenants 82:8-10

7 Sept 2009

well i dont have alot of time toaday. but it was a really great week. i loved reading tylers e mail today because i had something really similar happen this week, that just helped me realize e ven more that this work is completely out of our hands. and the lord will get it done one way or another. its just a matter of whether we are going to be blessed to be a part of it or not. we were going to look up a media referral that we had and the address was some thing like 3329 55th dr. so were just driving along and i pull up to the house and we had planned on knoking both doors next to where the media was. and we got there a few minutes before the apt so we could do so . so we go and knock and the first door that we knock this guy answers and he had just moved in like 2 weeks earlier but he has been to church several times when he lived in another part of queens. he seemed very ready to recieve the gospel and he wants to start going to church here. and here comes the other part of the miracle. so we go and knock on the door that our appointment is at and apparently we were on the wrong street. we were on ave. when we needed to be on dr. ha it was amazing! so than we walked over to the right street and committed the lady that ordered a bible from our church. she is great and will be baptized in 4 weeks. well i love you all i am all out of time for today. Hurrah for israel!@!!!
elder Olsen