Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elder Mikie Olsen Letter 20 May 2009

Hello Family!!

well everything is going great! we had a great week. we worked really hard, we set some really high goals for this transfer. this last week we were one member present lesson short of hitting our goals :( but we had everything else. yesterday was stake conference, it was really good. it was broadcasting from slc conference center. and was shown to like most of the north east united states. president Eyring talked as well as elder Hales. it was really a treat. not very many people in our ward came, that was a little disappointing. but craig came and really liked it, he is getting baptized next Sunday. he is way solid and is good to go. I don't remember if i told you but gloria and george will not be able to get baptized for a little while. Gloria has a husband that she hasn't seen in over ten years. she and george want to get married and than get married and than baptized. so they are still good to go, it might just take a while cause she has no idea where her husband is. so please pray for them. Pastor --------- is still good, He found a place to live. he has a friend in Queens who has an apt that he is going to let him use for a while. They are going to be moving soon. so most likely i will not get to see their baptism. but that's okay. he still has not found a job, please pray for him and his wife-------. We have a man that we are teaching who name is Keith . he lives in our apartment complex. he is a cool guy he is committed for the 6th of June. please pray for him as well he is really scared of commitment and needs help to quit smoking. And please pray for elder alder and I. We are really working hard and want to have allot of success this transfer. Well i love all of you!. thank you for everything that you do for me! that is good that the DC house is going to sell. I love you all
take care.

Hurrah for israel!!

Elder Olsen

Monday, May 4, 2009

Elder Mikie Olsen Letter 4 May 2009

Hey Family!

Well we had kind of a slow week numbers wise, but it was still a good week.
We set some pretty sweet goals this week! we want to end off this transfer
with a bang! This transfer has been quite humbling actually. I just can’t
believe that Heavenly Father has been blessing me with these amazing experiences. I am realizing more and more every day how much he influences everyday life, especially as a missionary. it is humbling that he trusts us enough to send or guide us to people who are so Elect. Craig came to church again yesterday, he loved it. It was fast and testimony meeting and
the microphone was broken, it was pretty funny. Cause of summer sales the size of our ward pretty much doubled so you had to talk pretty loud
so that the people in the back could hear you. So there was this man there who is Pentecostal and he was talking to craig after priesthood and the man was asking him how long he has been coming to church and why and if he is a part of the church. craig told him that he is a part of the
church and than pretty much bore his testimony to him of the church and
why he comes. it was amazing! we are meeting with him tonight. he is going
g to get baptized on the 24th.. the same day as gloria and george, they are doing good as well. and should be able to get baptized on the 24th. So
remember how I told you that pastor --------- said that he was going to have the whole Book of mormon read in a week. well he has read the whole book of mormon twice in the last two weeks!!! he loves it! i honestly can’t believe it its crazy! i was talking to him the other day and he was telling me about different stories in the book of Mormon that he likes, he
really likes Moroni. In pakistan he started his own church, and i guess that he has quite a lot of members. he told me that he wants to go back to
pakistan and tell them all about the Book Of Mormon and convert them to
our church. and he says that he is their leader, they love and trust him
and they will believe what he tells them! How amazing is that! He is solid but he is a little worried about being able to provide for his family.
right now he lives in a house that is owned by the lutheran church and he
recieves a salary from them. he told me that he is willing to do anything but cook food for people. And he also said that he knows that god will
provide a way for him. were going over there with the bishop this week and we are going to try and come up with a plan for everything. cause he said that the second that he gets baptized he is going to be kicked out of
his house. so it will take alot of preparation and help from the ward. but i know that we can do it and that the lord will provide a way for us to
get this man baptized soon! i am so excited for him! And his daughter and wife are really interested too and will most likely get baptized as well. Everything is going great! i really hope that i will stay here for another transfer at least but you never know. transfers are next tuesday. I actually hope that i will be able to stay with elder alder another transfer, he hasnt had a baptism yet and we have 3 scheduled for the 1st week of next transfer. and i think that it would really help motivate him for the rest of his mission. well i love you all i have the best family in the
world! Hurrah for Israel!!
Elder Olsen (michael)