Monday, August 30, 2010

30 Aug 2010

Well it was a good week. This morning was cool we ran down to Coney Island beach! it took us a while but it felt good. We are going to do it every P-Day the rest of the transfer. Diane came to church again yesterday but her daughters did not, we are meeting with them tonight and hopefully we will be able to baptize all of them soon. Diane is doing great! she reads from the book of mormon every day and is really gaining a strong testimony, and the best part is that she is not even focused on baptism. She has her eyes on the temple! that is where she wants to go! So i am stoked, she is a great lady, mom and dad you will definitely meet her when you come here. We had a cool guy named marlen come yesterday too towards the end of church. He is from trinidad and is the fiance of a less active that we have been doing service for every week. Just helping her clean out her garage and stuff like that. Well he came with her for a little bit and this week we are going to start teaching him. I have a good feeling about him for this month. He is Rastafarian, so the beliefs are a little different but he is open to the lessons. We have another lady named ann marie that looks good too, but she is really struggling letting jesus in her life. she has had a really rough childhood with abuse and stuff and doesn't want to let those feelings go. But she is really nice and knows that she needs to change, she is just scared. She has a 18 year old son that is pretty ghetto and a 4 year old daughter named Tori who is really cute. Yesterday she could not come to church because it was Tori's birthday and she had to take her to the prison to visit her father. But she should be coming next week, she has accepted to be baptized but she needs to make a lot of changes. We have 2 months left of this "year of miracles" that we started last november. We set a goal to baptize 800 people about double of what we have averaged the last 5 to 6 years. Well to be completely honest our misssion has not changed that much. and we are basically doing the same thing that we were doing a year ago. We have about 400 baptisms left. Our district set a goal for September to have 8 baptisms. I think that we could really do it, we have 6 people in our district. So pray for our goal! I love you guys and hope you have a great week.
Love Elder Olse

Monday, August 23, 2010

23 Aug 2010


We had an okay week. Diane came to church and loved it, she will be baptized in the next 4 weeks and hopefully we can get her 2 daughters as well. Bro. Moliere got confirmed yesterday and will get the priesthood next week, he is progressing well. Pray for us. Sounds like tyler is doing great! i am really proud of the missionary that he has become. I hope that this week we will be able to find a lot more people to commit this week. we have a few good people that we found this last week that accepted to be baptized but didn't come to church yesterday. So hopefully we can get them to church this week. I love you and hope you all have a good week.
Elder Olsen

Saturday, August 21, 2010

16 Aug 2010

16 Aug 2010

We had a great week. Moliere was able to be baptized yesterday by my companion. It was a really good service and almost the entire ward attended the baptism, that might have had something to do with the fact that there was a "linger longer" after with a lot of food. haha but hey they were there. Today is the first day of my last transfer in the mission field! Crazy huh. I really want to work hard this transfer and accomplish allot more than i ever have before. We have allot of good people that we are working with right now, so i am really hoping for allot of baptisms this transfer. Please continue to pray for us allot. Well i love you all!
Elder Olsen

9 Aug 2010

Hey Family!

Well we had a great week! we really saw a lot of miracles... aight here is the first one. Moliere is getting baptized this next sunday! We had a lesson with him after church yesterday and he had a few concerns about doctrine that we were able to clear up. And he wants to get baptized this sunday. It is a pretty big miracle, this area has not seen a baptism in over a year and we got blinded in to this area this transfer. So its pretty sweet that we are having a baptism the same transfer. But I'm not satisfied we need to have a lot more next transfer. We have 2 families now that are looking pretty good for next month to get baptized. Here is the other story... We were looking up people who are former investigators, we had planned to look up like 15 people in one day. We had a teaching record from a lady and her 2 daughters from 2007 that has had no contact since than. Basically what the record said was that 2 of her daughters got baptized in Florida and she was threre for the baptisms cause she was visiting them, she came back to new york and came to church 1 time. The missionaries never actually taught her, and they lost contact and never had any updates since than. I'm sure that missionaries have tried to look her up before but have never found her. So we wrote down to stop by her home at 8 o clock. The whole first part of the day all of our plans didn't really go as planned and we were not really able to look up the people at the times that we had planned but for this one we were literally rounding the corner to her house at exactly 8 o clock. Her name is Diane... So we come around the corner and there are a bunch of people outside and they all look at us. One lady started running toward us, she looked really excited too see us, which is really strange around here. So she tells us she is diane. We start talking with her and than another lady comes over, come to find out it is one of her daughters that was baptized in Florida in 2007. She was in the process of moving to Maryland, and she had her car and U-Haul trailer in front of the house, she had literally just pulled up from Texas where she was living 30 minutes before we got there. And than she tells us that her and her husband just got sealed in the temple last week with their 3 kids!!! So basically it was amazing and completely out of our hands, it was meant to happen. it was an answer to many prayers for sure! So Diane is in Maryland right now helping her daughter move and get settled in but we gave her a book of Mormon and her and her daughter are supposed to read it together. and hopefully she will go to church with her daughter in Maryland. she is coming back this week and i think that her and her 2 daughters will be baptized this month! thank you everyone for all of your prayers! Everything is going great! Elder Roderick is really excited to have his first baptism next week, but we need to have allot more! I really want to have like 10 to 15 baptisms next transfer my final one. Please continue to pray for us and our success. I love all of you!
Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Olsen

26 July 2010


well i had a great week! it was good that we found allot of new investigators, we had a huge miracle happen yesterday. A man just showed up to church. A missionary talked to him on the bus about 2 months ago and gave him the address for the church and he just decided to come. After church we were talking with him and invited him to be baptized and he accepted. We have some really good potentials that we are trying to work with. It has been hard getting blinded into an area and getting a good teaching pool started. We have been doing some serious organizing! That is definitely one thing that i have become a little OCD about on my mission is organization. We are working on the ward list right now, there are over 550 people on the ward list and only 70 or 80 "active".... So there are obviously a ton of people who have moved or who do not want contact from the church. So we are going through all of the old ward lists that we can find from old missionaries and copying all of their notes onto one list. That way we dont waste allot of time looking people up who dont live there. We are also trying to identify all of the part member families. This month is all ready over, August is right around the corner. We really need to baptize allot of people in August. So please pray that people especially families will be placed in our path that are ready to be baptized. Everything is going great I am loving it here. I love you all
Hurrah For Israel
Elder Olsen