Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Elder Mikie Olsen Letter 20 May 2009

Hello Family!!

well everything is going great! we had a great week. we worked really hard, we set some really high goals for this transfer. this last week we were one member present lesson short of hitting our goals :( but we had everything else. yesterday was stake conference, it was really good. it was broadcasting from slc conference center. and was shown to like most of the north east united states. president Eyring talked as well as elder Hales. it was really a treat. not very many people in our ward came, that was a little disappointing. but craig came and really liked it, he is getting baptized next Sunday. he is way solid and is good to go. I don't remember if i told you but gloria and george will not be able to get baptized for a little while. Gloria has a husband that she hasn't seen in over ten years. she and george want to get married and than get married and than baptized. so they are still good to go, it might just take a while cause she has no idea where her husband is. so please pray for them. Pastor --------- is still good, He found a place to live. he has a friend in Queens who has an apt that he is going to let him use for a while. They are going to be moving soon. so most likely i will not get to see their baptism. but that's okay. he still has not found a job, please pray for him and his wife-------. We have a man that we are teaching who name is Keith . he lives in our apartment complex. he is a cool guy he is committed for the 6th of June. please pray for him as well he is really scared of commitment and needs help to quit smoking. And please pray for elder alder and I. We are really working hard and want to have allot of success this transfer. Well i love all of you!. thank you for everything that you do for me! that is good that the DC house is going to sell. I love you all
take care.

Hurrah for israel!!

Elder Olsen

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