Monday, September 14, 2009

14 Sept 2009

Hello family!
well I had a great week! irt was really busy. Yesterday was an amazing day. First of all Cynthia(the lady that i baptized in south shore about a month ago) her 2 kids were baptized. And karen and alvin were also baptized( i worked with them for about 4 months in south shore as well). And i talked to craig(the man that i baptized in south shore about 4 months ago, and he was just made the new ward mission leader!!) how cool is that. i was way excited! he is so awesome. Shantel was also baptized yesterday! it went really well. she is so ready! her mom came to church and than to the baptism and she really liked it. and we willl start teaching her soon. the baptism went really well! alot of the ward came, but not everyone. which kinda bugs me.. we dont have a font at our church so we have to go to the neighboring town for all baptisms. so alot of the members say that they dont want to go all the way there. even though it only takes about 15 minutes to get there by train. but there was alot of people there and it was great! she is so amazing. she was telling us that she thinks it would be cool to go on a mission! she would be such a good missionary. she is 22, and she knows japaneese so she would probably go to a japaneese speaking mission. Okay well hows about some updates. well i will be staying here in jamaica as expected. my new comp is elder goodman. i have never met him, but i have heard that he is good. he is like 25 yrs old. so that will be kinda interesting. this will be his first transfer as zone leader as well. I am way excited for this next transfer!! this last transfer we set a goal to get 8 baptisms in our zone, and we got it. and i think for this next one i want to double it and go for 16. i know it is possible. our zone is doing very well. it has been way cool seeing how fast things can change in an area if just the attitude changes of the missionaires in that area. my last area south shore the district is on fire! my last transfer there we had 7 baptisms and this transfer they have been tearing it up i think they had 8 or 9.. and than our zone here is doing great! especially compared to last transfer when we only had 2 baptisms. welli love you all please pray for miranda and shantel and her mom. and please pray for me and my companion. i wil be setting some really high goals for this next transfer. so im gonna need all the help that i can get. I love you all Hurrah for Israel!!

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