Tuesday, September 8, 2009

24 Aug 2009

Hello family!! Well I had a pretty good week. It was probably the
worst week of the transfer but it was still a good week. I have a few
miracle stories but I only have time to tell one. So last week when we
were on splits with steve and shaun. Steve and my comp found this
lady, her name is chanelle they committed her to be baptized on the
13th of September, well we haven’t been able to get a hold of her. But
we had an apt with her this last week and we stopped by and she wasn’t
home so we were just walking around the neighborhood and knocking on
some doors and talking to people outside. Well about 5 houses down
from chanelles home there were two ladies sitting on the porch, and
well they were reading the bible. They were a few kids running around.
So we pretty much had an amazing 1st lesson with them, we committed
one of them for baptism on the 13th.. her name is Miranda, she is so
amazing! The spirit was just beaming off of her face the whole lesson.
The other lady is nice but really doesn’t seem that interested. so
Miranda is awesome. So the same day that steve and elder wiggins found
chanelle they also found a lady name uzo. And we had an appointment
with her yesterday. So after that one appointment with Miranda we
haven’t been able to meet with her again. But we have been able to
talk to her on the phone everyday she has just been too busy too meet
with us. So we went to meet with uzo yesterday whom lives about 3
houses down from Miranda. Well Uzo is not home, so we go and see if
channelle is home, nope.. so we start walking down to mirandas house
and just as we do she pulls up in her car. So looked exhausted, she
had just come from working overtime at work, she is a nurse. So she
tells us that she really wants to meet with us but she is just too
tired right now and she had company. There were like 3 of her friends
there. So we made an appointment for Wednesday but than we just
started talking and I asked if I could share a scripture and than next
thing you know we are all sitting on lawn chairs in the front yard.
The cool thing was that all of her friends came as well. There were
people just coming our of the woodwork to hear our lesson. Neighbors,
people walking by etc.. so we taught the plan of salvation. It was
really cool. Miranda is so prepared. She is still committed for the
13th . she has to wake up at 5 in the morning every day to go out to
long island for work and we talked about sacrifice and she is getting
up every morning at 430 so that she can read for 30 minutes from the
book of mormon. She is so amazing! We have a lot of potentials
committed right now for the 13th but only 2 of them are really
progressing towards that day. Hopefully we will be able to get the
rest of them moving. This is the make it or break it week for
everyone. At least for this transfer. Well everything is going great!
This has been a tough week but we are doing good and will keep moving
forward. The church is true! What else really matters? Hurrah For
Elder Olsen

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