Tuesday, September 8, 2009

31 Aug 2009

WOW well another week has gone by. this is the begining of week 5 for us. elder wiggins goes home in 2 weeks. today we have a pretty busy day. we are having a zone activity, were doing a big barbecue and watching a church movie, not sure which one yet. we set a goal at the begining of the transfer for every companionship to get at least 1 baptism. and right now most everyone has had a baptism or they have 1 scheduled before the transfer is over. except 1 companionship(the sisters) so today we are going to get everyone pumped up for the last two weeks of the transfer! our zone is doing good, yesterday we had 3 baptisms. elder wiggins and I went to all of them, it was a cool experience. I had a really cool experience last night, elder cascardi who is in my zone has had a really rough transfer. he was blinded into this area training. the area that he is in was dead, they only had 10 former investigators and no progressing. the missionaires before did absolutely nothing all transfer. but he has been working his butt off!
and they have been doing really well but they havent been able to get any baptismal commmits. so last night we were over at a members home in the spanish branch, and they brought a lady who is investigating the church, she also came to church yesterday. and i was sitting next to cascardi and i asked them how there week went, and he said good except that they didnt get any new committs. and i said well lets get one right now! he looked at me kinda funny and said okay. so after dinner we sat down with the lady. the lady doesnt speak any english so elder cascardi translated for me, but the spirit was really strong and she accepted to be baptized in two weeks! it was so awesome and it made cascardi really happy. it was way cool. well miranda is still doing amazing, unfortunately she didnt come to church brcause her mom who has cancer came into town unexpectedly and she wanted to spend time with her. so she will not be able to be baptized this transfer. but shantel is doing amazing! she is way solid for the 13th now. everything is going great! wish that i had more time to tell you all about my week, there were alot of miracles!! i love you all,
Hurrah For Israel
Elder Olsen
Doctrine + Covenants 82:8-10

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