Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello Family!

well we had a pretty good week. Thanks for all of your e mails! it
Sounds like everyone is doing great! This morning we had to drive to
Freeport which is about 40 minutes away to get our car estimated from
The accident that we had last week; we probably won’t have to take
It in to get it fixed until next week sometime. This is week 6 of the
Transfer so don’t send anything unless you think that it will get here
By next Monday, I will find out this next Sunday night what is going
to happen. I think that it is like a 99 percent chance that I will stay
but you really never know, I guess that we will see. I have a
Really cool story that happened last week. I was on exchanges with
My district leader. It was an overnight exchange so he slept at our
pad the night before. so we were doing follow up and planning out the
next day. we had a dinner appointment at 6 o clock so we planned to
knock some doors from 5 to 6 around sister fishers home where we were
going for dinner. well we didn’t end up making it out there until 530
so we only had 30 mins to knock. we park and start walking to this
house and a lady comes out of a house from acccross the street and
tells us that she is a in-active member from a different ward but she
saw us from the window and came out to warn us not to knock on the
door that we were about to knock on cause the lady appartently that
lives there is really crazy. so we talked to her for a few minutes and
than decided to cross the street and start on the other side of the
street tracting the other direction. so we get down to the end of the
street and it is about 5:55 and we are right in front of sister
fishers home. I decided to call her and see if we were still good
to come over. she said that her husband was not back yet but that he
would be any minute . I told her that we were going to tract for
about 20 more minutes and then we would come over. So we crossed over
a different street and on the 2nd door that we knocked on this lady
let us in and we taught her the restoration. she is probably 45 she
has at least 2 kids, she is a school teacher. She is catholic and has
a very strong testimony of Jesus Christ. she goes to church every
week; the lesson went amazing! the spirit was really strong. I was
actually really nervous during the lesson which I haven’t felt for a
long time. I think because she is a rich white intelligent lady. I
have never had success tracting in those type of neighborhoods.
Usually white people are so mean. But wow the lesson really was
amazing. It was such a cool feeling, elder peterson and I had never
taught together and didn’t even get to do comp study that morning cause
we had service early. But because we were both in tune with the spirit
And personally prepared the lesson went amazing! it was definitely the
most powerful lesson of my mission so far. After the lesson the woman
told us that she thinks that Jesus sent us to her, and told us that
she felt the spirit very strong. then she also said that we were
both very good at what we do. ha so we are meeting with her this
Wednesday so please pray for her. her name is jane, the thing that
makes this story so amazing to me is how we ended up knocking on her
door there were so many reasons why we shouldn’t have knocked on her
door; God needed us to go there that night and he directed us
there. well I don’t have much time left but I love you all! Thanks so
much for all of your support and prayers. It sounds like Tyler is doing
Amazing! I am so proud of him!

Hurrah For Israel!!

Elder MIkey Olsen

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