Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elder Olsen Letter Feb

Hey Family!!
So how is everything going for everyone back home? that is really cool that mom got to go to the airport and see tyler! I am way jealous. How is steve doing? is he still enjoying byu-I? what is justin up too now? is he doing anyintense physical training for the marines yet? was is a dance competition that janessa got trophys in? well this week was pretty exciting. it really feels like i am in a different mission. so after packing all of my stuff, which was alot. i now have 2 duffle bags added to the luggage that i came out with. but one of them is filled with just my bedding and stuff which you mailed to the office. so anyways i had 4 pretty large and heavy bags. , and we had to carry it up and down multiple stairways in the subways to make it to the mission office in Queens. that was pretty exhausting.. transfer meeting was spiritually uplifing and motivating. and than at the end of transfer meeting is when they announce where everyone is going. so we have 8 zones in our mission and they start at zone 1 which is staten island and than it just goes east from there, park slope was in zone 2. so they are announcing where everyone is going and it just keeps going and going. . .. i was getting pretty nervous. i didnt think that i was going to come out here to the island. but sure enouugh i am in Zone 8 the farthest one out on the island. the one good thing about that right from the start is that i just threw all my bags in the car and didnt have to worry about carrying them in a crowded train. oh and My companion is Elder -----. I was actually in the MTC with him. he was in the same room as me. he is from Idaho. He was home schooled growing up and than went to byu i for a few years. I think that we will be able to have a succesfull transfer together. President bennion said to me at transfer meeting good luck with elder -------, and he said it in kind of a weird sackastic way. and i was thinking about it. but now i understand. so It was about an Hour and a half drive out to our pad. it was pretty weird it felt likei was driving through utah. it looks alot like it. It is alot different out here but also alot of the same. Our weekly planning session on thursday was alot different than what i have been used to lately. we have 2 investigators total. one is progressing and has been investigating the church for about 20 years. he is areally cool guy though. and he is going to be baptized sometime in march. Church on sunday was alot different! In park slope average attendance ranged from like145 to 175. i was up at the front to bless the sacrament and i counted 40people! I guess the average is a little more like 75 usually. but alot of people were out of town. But the ward seems pretty awesome and they definitely need alot of help. President Bennion told me that the bishop is one of the best in the missions, he wasnt there on sunday cause he was out of town but we are meeting with him in a few days. I am excited for that; The elders chorum president seems really cool too. and the relief society Pres is awesome!we ate dinner at her house a few days ago. We met with a few of the ward members this week and yesterday we were able to make alot of appointments with members. I am excited to get to know the ward really well. well i dont have much more time but i love you all! and i hope all is well. thanks so much for all of your support!

Hurrah For Israel!

Elder Olsen

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