Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elder Olsen Letter March 16 2009

Hello Family!

Wow well what a week! okay so i will start with the coolest story first. . sowe have this investigator Lazaro he is about 40 years old. and has know about the church for 20 years ever since he was a navy seal and some one on his team was a member of the church. ever since than off and on he has been investigating the church. he has been commited for baptism and has not kept his committment several times. welll the last few weeks we have been having a really hard time getting a hold of him; he is most likely going to be getting a divorce very soon. he has 3 kids that are all awesome. 12, 10 and 8 years old the oldest is a girl. so he has been really busy. but a few weeks ago at our weekly planning session we made a goal to get him baptized by the 15th of march. so this last wednesday we called him and couldnt get in contact. and than we got the idea to text him which we have done in the past but we decided to tell him that we have a goal to get him baptized this sunday, and asked him what he thought. so he calls us later that night and says that he wants to get baptized this sunday! it was awesome! so we got him interviewed the next day and got everything ready.Well he got baptized yeaterday before church and than confirmed the same day at sacrament meeting. it was a really sweet experience. his kids all came and a good number of the people in the ward as well. elder ------ baptized him and we asked the bishop to confirm him. he is a really cool man and it is great that he finally joined the church! he has an amazing testimony and probably knows more about the church and the gospel than most members. we are hoping that we will be able to baptize the kids soon but who knows with the divorce. His wife is not supportive of the church. so please pray for his family and especially the kids. well in other news elder ------ rear ended a man in a truck the other day. it didnt really do anything to the guys truck except a small dent in the bumper but it mest up our car pretty good. it will probably be going into the shop sometime this week so we will be walking everywhere for a few days. and than elder------- will most likely lose his driving privledges so either they will let me drive or they will send me a new comp.. who knows. I guess I will find out soon. I cant believe that this transfer is almost over, this is week 5! we have presidents interviews tomorrow. I dont remember if I told you or not but we found out who our new mission pres is going to be. President Nelson, it will be weird getting a new mission president. we have a few really cool investigators right now, I dont have time to talk about them today. we have gotten a few referralls from the members that are solid and i think that we will be getting alot more soon. the ward is really picking up. how is tyler doing? I got a letter from him the other day but it was like 3 weeks old. I will be writing him a letter today. well it was good to hear from you! I am so gratefull for my family! you are so amazing! I will try and write some letters today. thank you for all you do and mostly for your prayers.

Hurrah For Israel!!!

Elder Olsen

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  1. Steven, Thanks for doing this! Could you post on here how we email Mike or send him letters?