Friday, June 4, 2010

This is one out of order because of my broken arm 17 May 2010

Hello Family!
Here are some pictures for you... The beach baptism was really cool. It was actually really hard to baptize her, the waves were huge! and the wind was blowing really hard. But its a good thing I'm a pro at baptizing ha ha. . We did the baptism in Long Beach, there is a member in the Long Beach area that owns a house on a private beach. so it was really nice, there was no one on the beach and no trash. We had planned on staring the baptism at 5:30 so we left the church here in Rego Park at 4:30. . . But because of traffic it took like an hour and a half to get there. I hate NY traffic. But i am getting pretty used to it, now that i have been in a car for almost a year. and my parallel parking skills just keep getting better and better. I think that i could enter into some kind of competition or something, I think i could take the whole thing. haha but really i am pretty good. And right now i am driving a mini van if i haven't all ready told you. I know that i have probably said it many times in My life that i hate mini vans... But let me tell ya.. I never have these things a fair shot. They are actually pretty sweet! ha i never thought i would be saying that. Ours is the Dodge Caravan, it has the "stow and go" seating. So basically if we need to transport anything we can in just a minute or two make all of our seats disappear under the floor and we have a large open space in the back of the van. Or as we call it our "living room" cause we spend allot of eating our lunch in the "living room" But anyways i have gotten allot of good practice parking this mini van into some pretty tight parking spots here in the heart of queens. Well enough about mini vans huh. Jorge committed to be baptized the 29th of this month. So we are really excited for him. He is really good. He will be the first person that i baptize that doesn't speak a lick of English. ha so pretty much Elder Cascardi and the members do all of the teaching and I bare my testimony. But i am trying to pick up on the Spanish. It is just hard with no extra time. We also have Alex whom is Luddy's friend committed for the 30th of this month. But we are still trying to get him to go to church in a different ward out in Long Island cause that is where he lives. We had quite a crazy week. and this week is not looking any less nuts, We were able to finish up our transfer planning with president about 30 minutes ago(that took up the entire morning) And everything looks pretty good for next transfer. We have Elder Michael Ringwood coming to visit our mission this week(of the Seventy) He spoke in Conference 2 conferences ago. So this Wednesday we have a Zone Leader Council that he is going to come too that we need to prepare for, And than on Thursday and Friday we have Zone Conference with the entire mission that we also need to get allot of stuff ready for, and than both Thursday and Friday night Elder Ringwood is going to do a fireside for the wards and branches, 1 of them will be in Long Island and another one here in Queens. So yeah it will be quite a crazy week. We are really being blessed, we have hardly any time to proselyte but the time that we do use the Lord is making it really effective. I feel like right now for the first time in my mission that we are only teaching people that i feel confident are ready to be baptized this month. It is really cool. Well i love you all and i pray for you everyday. Please pray for a woman named Deborah, last week we were coming out of a pizza shop and i saw this old lady and i could tell that she was looking at us so i waved to her and said hi! she walked over and asked if we could pray for her daughter who is very sick. We got talking to her and eventually led to us just walking over to her house right than to give her a priesthool blessing. We walked into this ladies home and her daughter was lying on the bed, I dont know that i have actually seen anyone closer to death than this woman. She is only in her 30's and she has 2 kids a boy and a girl 15 and 14 years old. The 14 year old daughter was there. We shared a message

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