Monday, June 14, 2010

14 June 2010

Hey everyone!

Well it was a great week! We had the baptism of Jorge Garcia on Wednesday night. I will send you pictures later cause i left the camera in the car. Margaret(the 77 year old lady) came to church and loved it. She called me a few hours after church just to thank me. It was really cool... She is doing well and should be getting baptized 2 weeks from now. Yury Cruz gave a talk yesterday that was really great, We baptized her my first transfer here. The talk was amazing, I was really blown away. She is leaving for Colombia tomorrow morning :( Her time here is up and she is going back to be with her family. We went to say goodbye to her this morning and she gave me a Colombian futbol jersey. She is going to go back and convert her entire family... We had a cool miracle happen yesterday, A man Daniel showed up at church. The sister missionaries fearlessed him on the train a few days ago. He used to investigate the church when he was like 15 years old. Well he was like an hour and a half late, So it was in the middle of Gospel Principles class, I took him in there. After the class was over I was talking with him and asking him why he came to the church and some soul searching questions. Well in about 1 minute i had him commited for baptism in 2 weeks. So on the 27th he is going to be baptized. It was really funny cause the next class was priesthood and when we stood up to intruduce him i told everyone that he was preparing to be baptized on the 27th. He was really happy and smiling, But everyone else was shocked. Especially the missionaries. . . Afterwards some of them came and talked to me asking how i was able to do it when i had just barely met him and we had never taught him a lesson. haha I said well i just bore my testimony and asked him to be baptized and he said yes. Its easy sometimes missionaries are just so scared of inviting people to be baptized, no one can ever be baptized if we dont ask them too. We had Steven B Allen visiting our mission from Monday to Thursday morning. He is the managing director or the missionary department over the whole church. Basically he is the man when it comes to missionary work. Monday afternoon we had a meeting with him discussing the mission and the culture and than he and Brother MItchell (He is in charge of training at the MTC, as well as training new mission presidents) They gave us a lesson on asking inspired questions... IT was increddible! really i think that i learned more in the 3 days that they were here than i have my entire mission. Than that night Brother Allen went out teaching with Elder Cascardi and I. Brother Allen said that he wanted us to throw our lesson plan out and just go into the lesson and do what they had just taught us to do, Ask inspired questions and than teach whatever the spirit guides you too. So first i will give you a little description of what an inspired question is.
Basically when you are talking to some one and you want to ask an inspired question you really have to focus and be in tune with the spirit. And you just wait.... You dont say anything until the spirit tells you exactly what to say. And than when the revelation does come you ask the question and listen to their response, than you dont ask another question or give a response until the revelation comes. So you just sit there and wait for it. It is really neat to completely rely on the spirit. Well Its not like i have never done this before or that this was completely foreign to me. But the way that they taught it and completely focusing on it was a big eye opener for me. And how much more i could be saying exactly what I need to be saying at exactly the right moment. So we went out teaching and we went to margaret and than to Jorge. Both of the lessons went really well. Brother Allen really liked margaret. He was really funny, we of course were talking to everyone on the streets as we were walking to and from our appointments. He thought it was so cool that there were so many people out on the streets. The next day we had a meeting at the mission home to prepare for our leaders meeting the following day. They did another training for us and showed us allot of the new training tools that they will be thorough out the world in this next month. They are changing allot of things in the way that missions run. we are only going to have zone conference once every quarter as well as interviews. There is just allot of stuff changing to make it possible for the mission presidents to be out with the missionaries teaching more and doing more hands on training. They also showed us allot of the new pmg dvds that are coming out in a few weeks. The leaders meeting the next day was really good, really like the best training i have ever recieved. I think that it really helped out our mission. They focused allot on baptism and our purpose as missionaries and the doctrine of Christ. We had 2 zone conferences the following 2 days. One in long island and the other here in queens. They were pretty good. We have 2 other zone conferences this week, one in brooklyn and the other in queens. As well as we start transfer planning, so it is going to be a long week but it will be good. I dont know if i am going to stay here or not yet but i will probably find out today or in the next few days. I dont care either way. I like serving here and working with president but it would be nice to be out all the time baptizing people and not having to worry about allot of other mission drama all the time. Seriously this mission is like One Tree Hill all over again. haha well i love you all and i hope that you have a great week! The church is true, what else matters...
Hurrah For Israel!!!!!!!!!
Elder Olsen

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