Wednesday, June 2, 2010

29 May 2010

well we had a really busy week. Transfers was a headache. and we ended up making our last change Tuesday morning the day of transfers ha ha. But everything turned out okay. Alex is getting baptized this Sunday! It is going to be another beach baptism ha. All of our investigators want to get baptized in the ocean or a river, ha it is pretty funny. We are doing it in a different spot than Luddy's baptism. Hopefullly the waves will not be as big. And than we have Jorge who is supposed to get baptized this sunday. But he will probably get baptized next week. This last week we had Elder Michael T. Ringwood(1st quorum of the Seventy) do a mission tour. I was able to spend allot of time with him, it was really neat. We did 2 different zone conferences for the whole mission. They were really great! and i really learned allot. He gave a talk 2 General Conferences ago, I think his talk was called an easiness and willingness to believe. He was a great speaker and i think really helped our mission. We also had a Zone Leader Council with him that was great. In two weeks we have Steven Allen (the director of the missionary department) coming to visit the mission as well. I am really scared. He is going to come teaching with us for an entire night and we have allot of meetings with him and president that we have to go to. he is basically going to be judging the mission based upon our performance. This is the man that basically trains all of the mission presidents. He is really legit. So it should be really exciting. Please pray for me and my companion. We are trying to do everything exactly the way that PMG says to do it. I do have one thing however to talk to him about, The PMG dvd's are wrong, and some parts dont go along with what PMG manual actually says to do. haha I think that it is pretty funny. the missionaries that they show in the dvd's doing their daily planning do it wrong. So we are planning on talking with him about that. Well everything is going great. we have way too much to do and not enough time to do any of it. But the Lord is really blessing us with plenty of miracles, I have never done so little missionary work in my life and seen so great fruits from my little efforts. We only teach people that get baptized. haha that is the way that it should always be. Our ward council got really mad at us last week, (well actually i wasnt there i was on exchanges with someone else to pick up and investigator) BUt they got really mad at my companion. Because they said that we cant just baptize people so fast that no one in the ward has time to even know who they are. Ha they are just used to people investigating for months! That is not how i do it. No more than 4 weeks. that is the max. So they are just going to have to get used to it. But I love you all and i love doing this amazing work. Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Olsen

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