Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 May 2010

I do not have a lot of time today. You really need to start preparing for your mission now! Make up your mind today, right now that you are going to be a great missionary. Do not ever settle for less. Once you have made that decision it will guide your actions, attitude and eventually the results of your whole mission. Do not settle for mediocrity. You will find that you will go into the mission field and there will be all kinds of missionaries, some will be good, some will be average, some will be poor... But only a few in any will be great. A lot of missionaries when they first come into the mission field get discouraged and they lose a lot of faith and desire and vision of missionary work because of the poor examples around them. They lose the original vision of what they originally thought missionary work is like, and what a missionary is supposed to be. All of us have this "idea" of what a missionary is and what he does, when we are in primary we learn about them and they are heroes to us. Well Justin this is the right "idea" and that is what missionaries are supposed to be. Don't let other peoples ideas and actions and examples influence you for the negative. No matter where you are called there will be Elders that will justify breaking mission rules, they will say that it is only in this mission that "that" happens.. They will say we don't and cant baptize like that in this mission or in this area. Don't listen to this garbage, Be the missionary that God wants you to be. I want you right after you open your call to go to a quiet place and ponder about how you feel, Pray out loud and tell God that you are thankful for the opportunity that you have to serve. Than i want you to think of what you want to accomplish on your mission, make sure that you write down the things that come to your mind. Think of how many people that you want to baptize. Write them down. And than pray and ask Heavenly Father if this is his will, Promise him that you will do everything in your power to help these people to be baptized, promise him that you are going to be exactly obedient your entire mission. That you are going to work your absolute hardest! After praying wait and ponder and wait for the conformation of the spirit. You will feel the spirit testify to you that you can do it. And you will know that God wants you to do it and that he is going to help you to do it. Justin you are a child of God, I know that. I have felt the love that he has for you. Never forget that. And never forget that every single person that you meet and see every single day is also a child of God and that he loves them just as much as he loves you. Try to imagine the way that God really feels about all the people around you. Start studying the Atonement of Jesus Christ and applying it into your life everyday. If you don't know how or what to study refer to PMG and dad and Steve. But please study the Atonement. I promise that it will help more than anything else to prepare you for a mission. for with God nothing shall be impossible" Luke 1:37...
Hurrah For Israel!!!
Elder M. Olsen

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