Monday, March 29, 2010

3 March 2010

Hey dont have a lot of time right now. but had a great week. Jennine came to church but not the rest of the family :( That is the Brazilian family, everyone please pray for them. i really want to help this family come into the church! I am really excited for General Conference! It is funny last night we were talking right before we were going to bed with the other elders in our pad, and we were all talking about our favorite speakers and previous address' etc... And i was thinking how funny it was that we were all talking about general conference the same way that i would talk about the super bowl or the NBA finals. haha. And we talk about Elder Holland and Eyring and all the others like i used to talk about Kobe and Shaq or Michael Jordan. i just kind of realized that as we were talking that i would have never seen myself having that kind of conversation a few years ago. Well i love you all! have a great week. everyone take notes during the conferences, and tell me which ones were your favorites. thanks i love you!
Elder Olsen

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  1. Elder Olsen really will be funny if we talk like in the SuperBowl, LOL.
    I'm a brazilian guy, and I'm following your blog cause its helping me in my engilsh and with experiences to my future mission.