Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 March 2010

Hello family!
hey well it was a good week. we were really busy with a lot of stuff. President Nelson has been in Bermuda for the last 3 days and today we are going to go and pick him up at the airport, than we are going to have a meeting with him at the mission home for the whole night. that is one thing about this assignment we have alot of meetings< really a lot. On average we have about 3 to 4 hours of regular proselyting each day. so we are going to have to work really smart, so that the time that we do have is as effective as it can be. we found a few families this week. that are looking really good. we set a goal to have 3 baptisms this month. so we really have to get to work and see some miracles. I am still trying to get settled in here, i am definitely not used to it yet. i am going to have to learn fast cause my companion is going home this transfer. all right these are the people that i want everyone to pray for this week. Yury Cruz but you say it Judy Cruz, she has been to church 5 times now and is praying about a baptism date. she is really awesome but is just scared of commitment. The miranda family, they are awesome they are a family of 5, they are really catholic. But they are humble and i think that they will accept everything but the only thing that i could see them struggling with is the fact that they are catholic, and in the spanish culture that is a big deal, even though they never go to chutch.. haha alright and than jennine and eddison and their family, they are brazillian! they are a great family wtih 2 kids. they really need to come to church next sunday, but jenninne needs to get work off. so please pray for all of those people. i love you all and i love my mission. i am having the time of my life! Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Olsen

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