Thursday, March 25, 2010

22 March 2010

Hey mom and dad...
well i will answer some of your questions to start off.. Well for missionary month, Really everything is from New York. so it doesn't matter what you cook. But some things that new york is famous for is hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, cheese cake, yeah that's pretty much it. but there are literally food from everywhere here. I have tried foods from so many different places. But if you do get pizza you need to get new york style pizza. I live right next to the mission office, literally right next to it. its a tiny little house next to the church. we live on the top floor and a senior office couple lives on the bottom floor. I don't even know the address. but i think its 86-08 60th rd. Elmhurst, NY. 11373. but don't send anything to that address. We are in the mission office every single day usually, so i can just get my mail there, they actually put it on my desk. I do actually need some new shoes. :) i am really hard on shoes and the ones that i am wearing right now are getting pretty bad, it doesn't look to good. so if you can that would be awesome if you have some extra money to send so that i could buy some shoes. but if you don't, than don't worry about it. i will be fine and will figure something out.

Dad to answer some of your questions..
Well i don't really know what a typical p day is yet cause this is only my 4th one. but to give you an idea, last week i didn't have time to do my laundry, luckily i have enough garments and white shirts to last me exactly 2 weeks, so right now i am wearing my last pair. ha ha Well this morning we got up and did the morning routine. than we came into the office at 10 am. we are doing e mail right now, after this we are going to go to the grocery store and than my companion has to go to the post office. than we will head back here and we have allot of stuff that we have to get ready for the week. We have 2 more zone conferences this week. so we have to print off all of the papers that we will need for those. (programs, talks, newsletter, etc...) we have to update the baptismal commits for the upcoming week, and find out about all of the baptisms for last week. We have a lot of planning and things to get ready for this week, we will be here in the office doing this stuff until about 3 than we have planned to go see a man named Salvador, he came to church yesterday. he got baptized about 2 years ago in Florida and than moved here and has been in active ever since. well i guess that he googled to find out where the church was and showed up. he is living with his aunt and uncle whom are not members. I think that he will be a really good source to help allot of his friends and family come into the church. so we have an appointment with him at 4, than we will head back here to the office. cause we have a meeting with President Nelson every Monday at 5 o clock. that will most likely last for the remainder of the evening, but if we get let out before 9 than we have planned to look up a part member family and do allot of fear-lessing! so yeah a pretty busy day. I am really excited. Dad thanks for all the cool stats.

well we had an okay week. it was super busy. we had 2 zone conferences, those were really hectic, plus we had 2 exchanges with zone leaders. We didn't have allot of time to work in our own area. but we have got some big potential right now. especially with this Brazilian family. The mom Jennine is making great progress. she is really awesome! its just the dad Edison. everyone please pray for him. he really needs it allot. I think that he is just scared to change and to do something different. please pray that he and his daughter will come to church with Jennine. This family is awesome. i really love them so much and want them to be sealed in the temple. I love doing this work and being able to be an instrument in Gods hands. I think that as missionaries we get a special gift from God to every once and a while, even if it is just for a second to see people the way that God See's them. last night we had a lesson with Jennine, and she was just talking as the lesson began and this feeling came over me, I really felt a pure love for her and her family. it brought tears to my eyes, as i imagined them getting baptized and being sealed in the temple. I know that this is the love of Christ that God was allowing me to feel for a short time. I know that days when i am in tune with the spirit and when i am really fulfilling my purpose is when i am able to look at people, complete strangers and feel this way about them, just an overwhelming feeling and desire for their salvation. Well i love you all so much thank you for all of your prayers and support. take care and have a great week!
Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Olsen

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