Thursday, February 18, 2010

8 Feb 2010

Hey Everyone!
well i had a great week! I had the priveldge to see the miracle of anthony getting baptized. it was a really great service, his wife whom is a member of 16 years was really happy and bore her testimony after the baptism. He is an amazing man! his 2 sons are also members of the church but they are in active so now he has gotta try and get them back into the fold, so that a year from now they can all go to the temple together and get sealed! that will be awesome and we will definitely be coming back for that one. Speaking of that i talked to Craig Lento last week ( the man that i baptized in South Shore last may) he is doing great! he is filling out his mission papers right now, he only has the dental left to do and than he will be set to go. and soon he will be able to turn in his papers and than recieve his endownments. i am really excited, and i wil be able to go to the temple with him for that. Today is the start of week 4 of the transfer, its going to be a really hard week, and when i say hard i mean that we need to work really hard! we have alot of people that could be baptized this transfer we just need to work really hard to do everything that we cant to help them come to church next week. We finally were able to talk to the Frazier family again. we stopped by yesterday morning before church and talked to Nakeesa (his wife) and she is still awesome.. and wants to continue learning and come to church, but its troy that is holding the family back. I think that he is just scared. so please pray for him! and for his family. We also have the Deosaran family, the Hamilton family, The Ennis family, The Finley family, The Kumar family, Matheson family, Edwards family, and David Watson and Imran, we are working with alot of families right now it is awesome! Pray that we can find Imran! he is homeless right now, well he stays at friends houses but he doesnt have a phone and we lost contact with him. but he has come to church 3 times and he was supposed to get baptized a few weeks ago but we lost him. he was really close and was doing really well. so pray for him.... well we are working harder than ever. i told my companion that this is going to be the hardest working week ever. we are seriously going to crush it! so pray that we wil both have the strength and energy that we will need. and most importantly the spirit with us. I love you all so much! Strive for perfection..
Hurrah For Israel!!!
Elder Michael Olsen

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