Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Feb 2010

well we had a great week! We hit the new mission standards of excellence or mission goals. they are the goals that we set that each companionship needs to shoot for if we are going to get the 800 baptisms before november. They are pretty tough to acheive and i think we are the first companionship to reach them( they were made official just 2 weeks ago) We are working really hard! We never take a break from working and we are being blessed for it. Every night we come home just exhausted, we actually go to bed early most nights because we are too tired. Every night i just feel weary and spiritually drained, but every morning its like a renewal of my body and spirit. about a week and a half ago we got a media referral for a lady named yolanda jones. she ordered a dvd from a tv ad. we went and delivered it and just shared a quick message and set up a return apt. we went back just this last saturday afternoon. and met some of her family, she has 6 kids(all girls) but only 3 still live at home, the others are all older. well we taught her about the book of mormon and joseph smith. At the end after we commited her to read and pray, she told us that she had a dream last night, and that in her dream someone came to her and said that 2 young men were going to come and teach her and that she should recieve them and accept what they teach, she had this dream friday night and we came on saturday! how awesome is that! and the cool thing is that i have been praying that heavenly father would give people visions and dreams to prepare them to recieve the gospel. God truly does answer prayers. She came to church yesterday as well. total we had 6 people at church yesterday. Anthony is doing awesome! and he is going to be baptized next sunday. our zone is on fire right now, total there are 11 solid commits for the next few weeks. so it is going to be awesome. Well we still need alot of prayers! i really want to just blow it up this transfer. we have 4 weeks left, and alot of people that we have that need to be baptized plus plenty others that the lord has prepared that we just need to find. I really think that we could get 10 baptisms this transfer, but its gonna take alot of faith and miracles. My comp is awesome! i can tell that working this hard is taking a toll on him, but he is trucking right along. he is really excited to be "tearing it up" as he says haha. . well i love you all and i love sharing this gospel. Have a great week!
Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Olsen(michael)

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