Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 Feb 2010

Well it was another great week here in Jamaica! we are being extremely blessed. Anthony was confirmed yesterday, it was great and next week he will recieve the priesthood. He is doing awesome and is loving the book of mormon. Our ward had 6 baptisms yesterday! it was really awesome, we are blessed to have a senior couple working here in jamaica, they have been here about six months, they got here a little while after i did. well they are doing a lot of work for the ward, and making a big difference. they have been teaching a part member family and yesterday they all got baptized. 5 of them total. and than another companionship in the ward got a baptism of a lady. we are looking to break records this transfer in this zone. we have 9 baptisms so far, and alot of people commited for the next few weeks. everyone is working pretty hard and we are being blessed for it. Seeing this senior couple here in jamaica has definitely made me decide that me and my wife are definitely going to be serving missions. mom and dad you would be great missionaires! i am really excited for you someday. well if you remember the frazier family?? well yesterday troy the father came to church! so that was amazing and really good. the only bad thing is that the rest of the family didnt :( he said that they didnt do there laundry and none of them had any clothes to wear. i was really upset yesterday. cause they are all awesome and they want to be baptized. but now it is going to be hard cause they have not been to church at all. I am certain that my Pres. would let me do it, but its going to be hard to help them feel like they will be ready for that day. we are making a plan for them to do homework assignments every day and we'll have daily follow up on their progress. all of the assignments will be centered on the atonement and why we get baptized. i think that it will work and will help them feel ready and have that change of heart. But its going to take alot of prayers and faith. so please pray for the Frazier family. this is the family that i have been praying to find for 3 transfers! and i really want to be here when they get baptized! i have been here for 6 months total now so it is likely that i will be leaving. but you never know. We also have rebecca and julia that we are trying to prepare for the 28th as well as david watson and antoinette and rameeka. so please pray for each of them. they really need the help. Well i am doing great! i am just loving my mission. i cant believe that time has gone by so fast. I only have 5 full transfers left or 7 and a half months. I want this last part of my mission to be the best. i am going to work and study harder than ever. so many missionaires die at the end of their misison. i dont want that to happent to me. it is so stupid, why would you get lazy and un motivated when you have learned so much and are able to be so much of a better instrument for the lord. but if you lose motivation and faith than the lord will not use you to bless the lives of others. We have a really busy day planned today. a very short P day. but it will be a great srart to a great week. we have 5 member lessons set up this afternoon. I am really glad that my companion has a good attitude. most companions would be really mad if they had alot of appointments on p day. Well i love you all and pray for you everyday. I know that this church is true. i know that we can only find happiness in this life by keeping the commandments and living the gospel of jesus christ.
Hurrah for Israel!!
Elder M. Olsen

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