Tuesday, December 15, 2009

7 Dec 2009

well i am getting transfered after just six weeks here in midwood brooklyn :( its kinda sad, well its really sad. i really love this area and the ward and the people that we are working with. but i guess the good news is that i am going back to jamaica. yup i guess i just took a six week break from jamaica and now im back. there is alot of work that still needs to be done there and so im ready to work hard. I will be with elder goodman whom i was with last transfer. the zone did good last transfer, pretty much the whole zone is changing from what is was when i was there before everyone is getting a new companion. there will only be a few of the same people that were there before. And i will be back in a car :( which means less talking to people and me getting fatter. haha i'll be okay. Mom dont worry about the package that nannie sent, the sign language missionaires can take it to the office for me and ill be able to get it next monday if it arrives by that time. ummm i dont know what other questions that you asked. oh yeah my camera broke!! i know it totally stinks,

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