Monday, December 7, 2009

30 Nov 2009

Well I had a good week. It was a very busy week with a lot of meetings and planning type stuff. We had a street sweep last Saturday that went well. We went to the Atlantic Center with the whole zone. Its a big shopping center in the downtown part of Brooklyn, so we had to plan that out so that it would be effective. But it went well, everyone was really motivated and talking to everyone. I was able to commit two people for baptism on December 27th. They are in park slopes area. One of them is a couple, the wife is actually a member of the church all ready, she was baptized 2 years ago and moved here a year ago and never came to church. But her husband is way cool. He is a really big Spanish guy. The other man that I committed is really cool too. he totally agreed with the apostasy and said that he had been researching religions and looking for the true church. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday. After church I taught a lesson with some of the Creole speaking members to Mary Elie, she doesn’t speak any English at all. She is one of the people that came to the ward thanksgiving party last week. Her husband couldn’t come because he had to work. And were not sure why her nease was not able to come because we cant call her(we don’t speak Creole)_ ha-ha its been really hard helping these investigators progress. I committed her for baptism on December 20th and she accepted but she said that she and her husband were not actually married. Apparently her husband died and his wife died some time ago. And so they are living together and not married. At least she knew that it was a sin and that it would have to be fixed before she could get baptized. So we are going to get them married and than baptized! Yeah another wedding!! Elder Pape met with a man named Moses after church; he met him on the bus. He is a 23 year old Dominican kid. He is really cool and he committed him to be baptized on dec 27th. he is really excited about it. We had our musical concert in the English and Spanish ward last night. It was really good! I mean really good, the only thing that stinks is that not all of the members came.  but we are going to do it again in about a month and hopefully we will be able to get more members to come and bring their friends. It was basicly every principle in the restoration with a explanation and than a testimony and than a musical number. Everyone that came really loved it! I gave a talk in church yesterday about happiness, I thought that it went well. Well this is day 1 of week 6 of the transfer! I am certain that I will be staying here. We had zone leader council last Wednesday, elder Williamson and I talked to president about the “finding missionaries” he really liked the idea and we will be doing it not this transfer but the next. He wants us to plan it out a little better and everything. I think that it will be really fun. It will be hard but really fun and rewarding. Well please pray for me and my investigators. We need more Creole speaking members to help us teach all of these people that we have. This next transfer is going to be sweet! We have a lot of people that are ready to be baptized. Please specifically pray for Mary and family, Moses, Annie, Monique and peter. Thanks for everything I love you all so much!

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  1. Mikie,
    I prayed for them and you! I am so happy to hear how well things are going for you on your mission. You are a special guy!
    Aunt Mandy