Monday, July 6, 2009

6 July 2009

wow well i gotta say that is a little weird seeing a picture of you guys on the brooklyn bridge. downtown brooklyn was my last area. so the bridge was in my area, we would go there all the time to do finding. and the york stop on the F train! i used that stop at least once or twice every day. so weird. . you guys could have taken the C train to High Street and that would have saved you a few blocks of walking. The Blocks surrounding the York stop is where the Watchtower buildings are, the jehovas witness' headquarters. there are probably 8 or 9 large buildings that they have right there. And Ebony lives right around the corner from the york stop in the project buildings. Ebony was the golden lady that was going to get baptized and than a whole bunch of drama happened. Ah that was a sad day. did you guys go to church yesterday? what ward did you attend? so you guys are camping at jones beach tonight huh? that is only about 30 to 45 minutes from where i live. pretty weird huh. haha its all good. long beach is a really cool town that you will probably drive through to get to jones beach. well i dont know what all there is too see on long island. but montauk point is really pretty and there is that big duck that is a convenience store inside, that is in riverhead, which is pretty much at the end of the island. I dont know if you guys are planning on going back to the city but if you do coney island is pretty cool. Well i had a great week! keith is going to be getting baptized on the 18th of this month, karen is going to be getting baptized on the 26th of this month, and a new lady that we found this week is getting baptized the 26th as well. her name is samantha torres. she saw a tv commercial and ordered a book of mormon. we went over there and taught her a lesson the day after she ordered it. she has a 1 year old little girl. and is looking for a firm foundation in her faith and beliefs, she is catholic but doesnt really like it. and the missionary who talked to her on the phone at the MTC told her about the restoration and the book of mormon, so we re taught that and she was really receptive, the spirit was there and she accepted a baptismal date on the 26th. we are going over there tonight with a member in our ward i am really excited. Cynthia is doing great. she came to church again yesterday and really loved it. she has been several times now and still doesnt have a baptismal date!! we have talked about it multiple times but she just doesnt feel ready,. we are going over there today to help her do some yard work and things and i am hoping that we will be able to set a date. she told us that she is just scared that she doesnt know everything that we believe and doesnt want to join and than find out something that we believe that she doesnt agree with. we read over the 13 articles of faith with her. please pray for her! she needs all the prayers possible. she is so close! she would be an amazing addittion to the ward, and her kids are awesome! Elder judd is doing well, he is still having trouble figuring out what he wants to say, i am trying to teach him not to think about what you are going to say, but just to study hard and live worthy and pray for the spirit and than study the people that we are teaching or talking to and he will know what to say. he is getting better. it has kinda hit me recently that i have been in this area for a long time, 5 months now! My comp is really worried that i am going to get transfered this transfer and than the missionary work is just going to go downhill., because all of the members and investigators know me so well. i could stay here for 1 more transfer alot of times they keep trainers with there kids for 2 transfers, but who knows with this new president. Oh yeah we have a new mission President now. Last tuesday we drove into queens for a mission meeting to meet him and his wife. He is awesome! and really pumped up. he is really focusing on obedience and baptizing!! whoo!! i am excited, it was sad to see president bennion go but i am excited for president Nelson as well. Sounds like tyler is doing great! i hope that you all have fun while you are staying here! drive safe. i love you all thank you for your support! Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder MIchael Olsen

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