Monday, July 20, 2009

20 July 2009

Hello Family!!
well i had an amazing week! alot of great things happened. yesterday we had 6 investigators at church, karen and alvin came and they are doing amazing! Karen is scheduled to get baptized on august 2nd now, and alvin is not committed yet, but yesterday at church when he was introducing himself in prissthood he told everyone that he is thinking about joining, and than after church we had a lesson with our correlator and alvin told us that he knows that the book of mormon is true. so i think that he will be ready to be baptized on the 2nd as well. he just needs to overcome smoking. they both loved church! karen was taking notes the entire time! cynthia came and brought her 2 kids. jaleesa is 9 and she loved primary! shaun is 16 and loved young mens, he got a list of all of the activities that they are doing in the next few months and after church there was a fireside for the young men and shaun wanted to stay for that as well. so he got a ride home from one of the members. cynthia is scheduled to get baptized this next sunday. and than we will get her kids baptized either one or two weeks after that. i am hoping that they will be able to get baptized in two weeks cause we have transfers on the 4th of august, so it would be amazing to get them all baptized before i left. please pray for all of them. well keith did not get baptized on saturday. he is just not ready. he hasnt had that change of heart yet. but i think it is coming for him soon. I dont think that i am going to stay here for another transfer, it is going to be sad leaving this area :( but at the same time i have been here for a long time and am ready for some change. Elder judd is doing okay. the last few weeks he has been kind of had an attitude problem. but i think he is just home sick and stuff. he is still really nervous when teaching and finding, but he is getting better. it has been interesting training him because i was the exact opposite when i was a greeny, i wasnt nervous at all. but he is doing well and i think that we will be able to finish off the transfer strong. well i love all of you and hope that all is well thanks for everything that you do for me.
Hurrah for Israel
Elder micheal Olsen

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