Thursday, July 16, 2009

12 July 2009

well i had a great week! it was full of miracles.. Well i guess i will start with last night. so all of you should remember cynthia, i have been teaching her for almost 6 months now. she is amazing! she has 2 kids shaun who is 16 and jalessa who is 8 yrs old. she was divorced a few years ago. well we have tried to committ her for baptism before but she has always felt like she is not ready and that she doesnt know enough. but she has been coming to church every week lately and reading and praying about the book of mormon every day. yesterday i made a bunch of cookies to deliver to some of our investigators, and we went over to the marichal home(a family in our ward) yesterday and got them to go with us to deliver the cookies. sister marichal is a single mom as well and her son joe goes to the same high school as shaun and they are on the track team together and everything. so we went over to cynthias and she let us in and we asked if we could just share a 5 minute lsn. I love being a missionary! there is no other feeling that is better than being a tool for the lord to use. we had prepared a little lsn but during the opening prayer something came to me, 2 nephi 25:26- basickly we do everything in christ so that our children may know where they can turn for forgiveness of sins. so after the prayer i read that scripture and than bore my testimony about how i was raised in the gospel and that i will be forever gratefull for my parents and the values that they taught me when i was young. and than i asked everyone that was there 1 by 1 to share their testimony with cynthia, the spirit was really strong! and we commmitted her to be baptized in two weeks! she gladly accepted and is excited to be baptized. it is so cool when the the spirit takes over and tells you exactly what you need to say to people. she explained that one of the fears that she has been having is bringing her kids to church because she has been dissappointed in churchs in the past and didnt want to get her kids involved unless it was something that she was sure that she wanted to do. but she told us that she has not been dissappointed in our church. and said that she is going to bring her kids next week! so i have no doubt that they will have a baptismal date soon. when we first started teaching them shaun accepted a baptismal date so we allready know that he wants to be baptized. it was an amazing lesson! it was really strong in the spirit. she is getting baptized the 26th of this month. and i hope that her kids will be able to the same day or the next week. she is a solid convert and her and the kids will be a great addition to the ward, i think it will really get some of the members excited about doing missionary work. I have been here for almost 6 months now, at the end of this transfer it will be six month. it is possible that i could stay or leave, its kind of a toss up right now. but i wouldnt mind either way. when i read tylers e mail last week aboout his story of standing up on the bus and started teaching everyone on the bus and than asked everyone to write down their info, haha well that made me kinda trunky to go back to the city! i love it out here on the island but there are tons of people in the city and you just talk to alot more people. but i will be happy if i stay here for one more transfer. Keith is supposed to get baptized this next saturday. but i dont think that he is going to be ready, he seems to be a little off lately. he has been talking to this man that lives in our apt complex that is no good. sadly i have bible bashed with him a little. but i know that he is putting doubts into keiths head. Everyone please pray for him he needs to open up his heart and let the spirit in. well everything is going great! tell sammy that i love him and happy birthday for me!! when are you guys going to be home from your road trip?? well i love all of you and thank you again for the package it was so nice! i hope that you all drive safe. i love you!
Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Michael Olsen

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