Monday, April 27, 2009

Elder Olsen Letter 27 April 2009

Hey Everyone.

well i had a great week! everything is going great for me here in newyork! alot of really cool things happened this week but i dont have time to talk about all of them. So there is this girl named Krystal in our ward she is like 23 and a recent convert of a little over a year. She is awesome so anyways last week she brought a friend (craig) to church he reall liked it. so we set up a meeting with him. we met atthe ostler home, they are an awesome family. they remind me alot of our family, they have 5 kids all boys and the youngest is in 5th grade. the dad is a general contractor but trades stocks as well. and the mom is just super nice to everyone. so yeah alot like our family.So anyways this was like a legit Prach My Gospel lesson. we met at the ------ home with krystal there as well. we had dinner and talked about random things and than we taught a lesson around the dinner table. The ------- family testified as well. and krystal talked about how she found out that the BOM was true. it was amazing! the spirit was really strong and craig was really soaking it all up. he just had this look on his face like wow i cant believe what i am feeling right now. it was really cool. My comp elder ------- is a good kid. but he gets nervous alot, he was sweating in the lesson with craig when he was teaching. but he is getting alot better at teaching. So craig came to church again yesterday and really liked it, it was ward conference so we got to hear from a member of the stake presidency. We are going to FHE with craig tonight for the singles in the ward. and we are going to have a little lesson either before or after and we will probably commit him to be baptized soon! so please pray for him, that he will accept. Cynthia came to church yesterday! it was unexpected,we commited her to come last week but ever since than we havent been able to get a hold of her but she just showed up yesterday at church. That was really cool! The ward here is doing well, we got a bunch of new people here last week that are here for summer sales, one of themi went to high school with. weird huh. but the ward is reallly starting to pick up and i think that we will be having alot of sucess soon. We set a companionship goal this week that we are going to extend a baptismal commit every day. So that should be fun. I want and think that i can get 5 more baptisms in this area so i have set a personal goal to do so. I think that I will be here for a few more transfers. welll i love you all so much! mom and dad you are the greatest! thank you for everything that you do for me! i will be praying for you all.

Hurrah For Israel!!!Elder Michael Olsen.

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