Monday, April 20, 2009

Elder Olsen Letter 20 March 2009

Hello Family!!
well I had a really cool week. We had an appointment with Pastor
------------- this morning and it went really well. We got him a Book Of
Mormon in URDU his native language. He told me that he would have the
Whole thing read by next week! ha he is so awesome. He told us today
about all of the small miracles that led up to us finding and
teaching him. So first of all back when he was in Pakistan he met a
Mormon and got a very bad idea of the church, he thought that we were
Preaching anti-Christ things. Two days before we knocked on his door
he was outside of the court house on main street here in patchogue
preaching and passing out cards and pamphlets and stuff. He said
that someone asked him if he was part of Joseph Smiths church! He had
never heard the name Joseph smith. Than two days later we knock
on his door, it is pouring rain and we probably looked miserable. He
didn’t know that we were Mormons, he wasn’t sure what we were. He has
Lived here since 2000 and never once has allowed anyone into his home.
Than that first night that we were over there his brother in law
just happens to stop by unexpected who happens to be a member of our
church. His daughter is going to Columbia University in manhattan and
she is vary interested in the church as well. she was showing Pastor
-------------- allot of things on we didn’t even tell them about the
web site. His wife seems very interested as well. He told us again
today that he wants to join us, and he is getting serious; he is
already thinking of all the things that will have to change in his
life to become a member. There are allot of huge things that will
change in his life. He works for the Methodist church, he lives in a
house owned by the church and that is where he gets his income. But he
told us today that after he finishes the book of mormon he is going to
fast and pray about what he should do. He says that he knows that
if god wants him to join than he knows that god will provide a way for
him to do it. It was such an amazing experience! he is going to be an
amazing missionary. back in pakistan he has his own church that he
started. He said that he is going to go back and get them all to
Convert to our church! I am so humbled that the lord has trusted me
With such a great opportunity to help this man find the truth. please
pray that he will have the courage and the faith to do what he must do
when he finds out that the book of Mormon is true. please pray for
my companion and I that we will be able to teach him with the spirit,
and recognize his needs. Gloria and george are still on track to get
Baptized, and we got allot of other exciting people too, but you will
have to wait till next week to hear more. Jesus Christ is at the head
Of the church! I know it! I love you all! Thank you for your prayers
and support!
Hurrah For Israel!!
Elder Olsen

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