Saturday, August 21, 2010

26 July 2010


well i had a great week! it was good that we found allot of new investigators, we had a huge miracle happen yesterday. A man just showed up to church. A missionary talked to him on the bus about 2 months ago and gave him the address for the church and he just decided to come. After church we were talking with him and invited him to be baptized and he accepted. We have some really good potentials that we are trying to work with. It has been hard getting blinded into an area and getting a good teaching pool started. We have been doing some serious organizing! That is definitely one thing that i have become a little OCD about on my mission is organization. We are working on the ward list right now, there are over 550 people on the ward list and only 70 or 80 "active".... So there are obviously a ton of people who have moved or who do not want contact from the church. So we are going through all of the old ward lists that we can find from old missionaries and copying all of their notes onto one list. That way we dont waste allot of time looking people up who dont live there. We are also trying to identify all of the part member families. This month is all ready over, August is right around the corner. We really need to baptize allot of people in August. So please pray that people especially families will be placed in our path that are ready to be baptized. Everything is going great I am loving it here. I love you all
Hurrah For Israel
Elder Olsen

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