Wednesday, November 18, 2009

18 Nov 2009

well we had a good week. stake conference was yesterday it was good. but we only had 2 investigators there. One is franshaw, he is from barbados. i think that i told you about him last week. he is awesome. I found out yesterday that he is 2nd oldest of 17 children and he himself has 8 children. there are well over a hundred members of his family back in barbados. so we told him that he has to go back and convert and baptize them all. he says that he wants to come back here to get baptized. haha but im sure that will change once he actually sees the church there. he is was solid. tyler sounds like he is doing amazing!! i wish that i could be companions with him! we would tear it up! He has such a great vision of what he can do with the lords help. he has the why not? attitude.. which is awesome! why not? why cant we find a family that is ready to be baptized every day? surely the lord has prepared them. he is doing great. not many missionaries have this kind of attitude. please pray for the jagna family that they will be able to get baptized this transfer. i love you all. sorry i dont have alot of time today. Hope that all is well at home. please pray for me!
Elder michael Olsen
HUrrah For Israel!!

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