Monday, June 15, 2009

Elder Olsen letter 15 June 2009

Well this week went okay. this is week 6 of this transfer, and i have been here for 3 transfers now. so it is possible that i will be leaving this area. but who knows. we had president interviews last week and they went really good. it was my last interview with president bennion the next one will be with president nelson. that will be weird. president gave me alot of good advice, it was nice talking to him. he asked me if i wanted to stay in this area and i said yes. but that doesnt mean that i will be,. but i think i will. i will let you know next week. lazaros kids were able to come to church yesterday, it was really cool. and lazaro bought craig a Quad scriptures set, it was so nice. craig was so thankfull. no one else made it too church :( i seem to be having the same problem that tyler is having at the moment. getting these amazing people to church every week! but the work is definitely moving along. i really hope that i get to stay here for another transfer. Tomorrow we are going to help pastor yousuf and his wife move to queens, they finally found a place there. so he will be getting baptized there. it is amazing how much that man has sacrificed just to join the church, i am just amazed. all of our other investigators are kind of on hold until they come to church. cynthia is still doing good. we are meeting with her tomorrow and are going to re committ her. we have a missionary fireside coming up on the 28th of this month. to present the ward mission plan. i hope that i dont get transfered. If nyone has any good ideas for a powerfull fireside.. please let me know. it sounds like everything is going great back home! i am glad that everyone is alive after what sounds like a pretty crazy camping trip!! sammy is a tuff kid. So you guys are going to be gone for 2 months.. where are you going? what are you going to do? i didnt even know that christina and Ligi were in korea! haha that is crazy, but really cool too. sounds like tyler is doing great! i will definitely write justin! i love you all! sorry i dont have more time to write more. thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. i love you all
Hurrah For Israel
Love Elder Olsen

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